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Abbie Against the Storm

Marcia Vaughan (1999), 32 pages
Illustrated by Bill Farnsworth
Audience: 1st Grade - 4th Grade
Category: Adventure, Fiction, Historical, Picture Books
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In 1852, Abbie's father moves the whole family to Matinicus Rock to be the lighthouse keeper there and Abbie becomes his assistant. She learns to care for the lights, keeping them clean and lit in order to guide ships around the treacherous rocks along the shore. Then her father has to make an emergency trip to the mainland for supplies. A violent storm hits and Abbie has to care for her younger sisters, her ailing mother and the precious lights. This exciting adventure is based on the true life of Abbie Burgess who helped care for the lighthouse for 22 years.
Reviewed by: caroll
Date read: 12/20/2011
ISBN-13: 9781582700076
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M. M. Vaughan (2013), 330 pages
Audience: 5th Grade - 8th Grade
Category: Adventure, Fiction, Science Fiction
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Christopher is down on his luck and running out of chances. When he is visited by a mysterious man from the Ministry of Education, he finds out that he may have more potential than he ever dreamed. He is whisked away to a new school, where he and his new classmates discover that they have 'The Ability,' which is a set of amazing powers that they will only possess while they are twelve. Soon they begin learning to move things with their minds and read other people's thoughts, as well as advanced mathematics and foreign languages. They will use their powers only for good- for the good of the country. Little do they know, they aren't the only children with 'The Ability.' And not everyone is learning to use their powers for good.
Reviewed by: lauraf
Date read: 3/22/2014
ISBN-13: 9781442450028
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Adam Sharp: The Spy Who Barked

George Edward Stanley (2002), 48 pages
Illustrated by Guy Francis
Audience: 1st Grade - 3rd Grade
Category: Adventure, Fiction, Mystery
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Adam Sharp is no average kid. He may look like an ordinary student who wears a tuxedo to school, but he is really an IM-8 spy. He's on the trail of Jurgen Slug who has stolen his spy lunchbox containing the new computer program DOGBARK. Will Adam be able to chase down Jurgen and retrieve the secret computer program that will save the dogs of Barkastan?
Similar authors: Elizabeth Avellan
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Reviewed by: mbottger
Date read: 7/22/2016
ISBN-10: 0307464121
ISBN-13: 9780307464125
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Adventures of a South Pole Pig

Chris Kurtz (2013), 288 pages
Illustrated by Jennifer Black Reinhardt
Audience: 1st Grade - 5th Grade
Category: Adventure, Animal, Fiction
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Flora is a spirited young pig who yearns for adventure outside of the pen she shares with her mother and brothers. One day, she finally gets the chance when two men come to choose a pig to take on a special expedition to the South Pole. Sure she is destined for a spot on the sled dog team, Flora takes her duties as a member of the expedition's crew seriously, teaming up with cats and cabin boys to kill rats below deck, rescue the captain of their sinking ship, and doing all she can to save the day. After all, everybody on the expedition serves a purpose. Flora stays positive throughout her journey, even after she learns that her purpose on the expedition has not been to pull the sled, but to be served as dinner. Will Flora's fate lead her to the adventure of a lifetime, or to be the side dish on the captain's plate?
Awards nominated: 2016 Bluestem Award Nominee
Reviewed by: BIS
Date read: 5/21/2015
ISBN-10: 0547634552
ISBN-13: 9780547634555
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Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

Dan Santat (2014), 32 pages
Audience: Preschool - 2nd Grade
Category: Adventure, Fantasy, Picture Books
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Beekle has had a long wait for a kid to imagine him so he can be transported to the real world. Finally, he gets tired of waiting and decides to go to find his friend. The real world is puzzling and a little lonely, but Beekle never gives up looking for his friend.
Awards nominated: 2017 Monarch Nominee
Awards won: Caldecott Medal
Reviewed by: Kristen
Date read: 7/16/2016
ISBN-13: 0978031619998
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