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'The President has been Shot!: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

James Swanson (2013), 270 pages
Audience: 5th Grade - 8th Grade
Category: Historical, Nonfiction
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On Thursday November 21, 1963, President John Kennedy and his wife Jackie said goodbye to their children Caroline, 5 and John Jr., 2 and flew to Dallas, Texas. They were beginning the campaign for John's second term as president. 1300 miles away Lee Harvey Oswald was waiting for President Kennedy to come to Texas so he could shoot him. No one knows why. This book describes the events of November 22, 1963 in riveting detail, illustrated with maps, diagrams and black and white photos from that time. The following three days are likewise described. This was the first time such a tragedy happened almost before the country's eyes, as the television stations and newspapers filmed events as they happened. Before mobile phones, the Internet, iPads or personal computers, this was the first time everyone in the country would watch and grieve as one. The first presidential debate, the on air killing of the President's killer, and a public funeral as grand as Abraham Lincoln's all happened live on television as people around the country watched. The Epilogue contains an excellent bibliography, places to visit and more.
Similar books: Kennedy Assasinated!: The World Mourns : A Reporter's Story by Wilborn Hampton; Bomb: The Race to Build and Steal the World's Most Dangerous Weapon by Steve Sheinkin; Chasing Lincoln's Killer by James Swanson
Awards nominated: 2016 Rebecca Caudill Award Nominee
Reviewed by: donna
Date read: 6/15/2015
ISBN-13: 9780545490078
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18 Penny Goose

Sally M. Walker (1999), 64 pages
Illustrated by Ellen Beier
Audience: 2nd Grade - 3rd Grade
Category: Easy Reader, Historical
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It's the time of the Revolutionary War in New Jersey. British soldiers are headed toward the Wright farm. The family is taking all the possessions they can load in their wagon and their large livestock to stay at a friend's farm until the Colonies' army can run the British away. Letty can't take her pet goose and all his wives. Letty is sure the soldiers will eat her geese, but doesn't know what she can do to stop them. As the family is leaving, Letty writes a letter to the soldiers, asking them to spare her geese. What will happen to her geese when the soldiers come?
Similar books: A Goose Named Gilligan by Jerry Hay; Gordon in Charge by Jill Newton; Goose's Story by Cari Best
Reviewed by: sc
Date read: 5/18/2009
ISBN-10: 0064442500
ISBN-13: 9780064442503
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Abbie Against the Storm

Marcia Vaughan (1999), 32 pages
Illustrated by Bill Farnsworth
Audience: 1st Grade - 4th Grade
Category: Adventure, Fiction, Historical, Picture Books
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In 1852, Abbie's father moves the whole family to Matinicus Rock to be the lighthouse keeper there and Abbie becomes his assistant. She learns to care for the lights, keeping them clean and lit in order to guide ships around the treacherous rocks along the shore. Then her father has to make an emergency trip to the mainland for supplies. A violent storm hits and Abbie has to care for her younger sisters, her ailing mother and the precious lights. This exciting adventure is based on the true life of Abbie Burgess who helped care for the lighthouse for 22 years.
Reviewed by: caroll
Date read: 12/20/2011
ISBN-13: 9781582700076
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Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek: A Tall, Thin Tale (Introducing His Forgotten Frontier Friend)

Deborah Hopkinson (2008), 40 pages
Illustrated by John Hendrix
Audience: Preschool - 3rd Grade
Category: Folklore, Historical, Picture Books
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This book introduces Abe's forgotten frontier friend Benjamin Austin Gollaher or Austin for short. Austin is ten, three years older than Abe, but they manage to get into trouble by being best friends and adventuresome. In 1816, after Abe finished carrying in wood for his mother, the two boys start off looking for partridges near the creek. Knob Creek, with high and rushing water, had to be crossed and was done so on a dare. What happened during the crossing keeps the story suspenseful. The artwork was fun and complimented the tale perfectly. Everyone has heard of Abraham Lincoln, but not many have heard of Mr. Gollaher. In 1865 Abe Lincoln apparently told a Kentucky visitor that he would rather see Austin Gollaher 'than any other man in Kentucky.'
Awards nominated: Monarch Award Nominee 2011
Reviewed by: cj
Date read: 4/5/2010
ISBN-10: 0375937684
ISBN-13: 9780375937682
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Abraham Lincoln Comes Home

Robert Burleigh (2008), 40 pages
Illustrated by Wendell Minor
Audience: K - 3rd Grade
Category: Historical, Nonfiction
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As the funeral train took the body of assassinated president Abraham Lincoln from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, Illinois, it passed through hundreds of small towns. Rain or shine, day or night people gathered by the tracks to pay their respects as the train passed. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of how Luke and his father travel miles in a horse drawn buggy to watch the train pass in the middle of the night. It was the first time Luke saw his dad cry.
Reviewed by: caroll
Date read: 2/12/2010
ISBN-10: 0805075291
ISBN-13: 9780805075298
Reader Comments
4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 booksPeople Coming Together
Commenter: Michele, grade 0
After something terrible happens, people seem to come together. There's a need to do something. Many people young and old are currently working on projects to raise money to help the people of Haiti as they try to recover from the devastating earthquake. When a beloved person dies, people come together also to honor that person and say farewell. In an age well before TV, about thirty million people said their farewells to Abraham Lincoln either at a funeral or by watching the train pass.
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