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Rubia and the Three Osos

Susan Middleton Elya (2010), 40 pages
Illustrated by Melissa Sweet
Audience: Preschool - 1st Grade
Category: Folklore, Nonfiction
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This retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is written in rhyme with a smattering of Spanish words throughout the story that are highlighted and bolded. Something unique is that the English meaning isn't provided with the Spanish words. There is, however, a glossary included at the back. This would be a fun book to have in a bilingual class.
Similar authors: Alma Flor Ada
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Reviewed by: Rosario
Date read: 8/1/2016
ISBN-10: 1423112520
ISBN-13: 9781423112525
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Rumpelstiltskin: The Graphic Novel

Martin Retold by: Powell (2008), 40 pages
Illustrated by Erik Valdez Y Alanis
Audience: 4th Grade - 7th Grade
Category: Classic, Folklore, Graphic Novel, Nonfiction
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Maribelle has a big dilemma. Her father, Daniel the Miller, has gotten his family into a load of debt. King Konrad has ordered him to pay his debt or be punished in prison. In all the excitement of not wanting to be a prisoner, he tells the king his daughter can turn straw into gold. Mirabelle, in order to save her father, lies about her gift and tells the king that it is true. Who can help her now?
Book Series: Graphic Spin
Reviewed by: Rosario
Date read: 9/1/2013
ISBN-10: 1434207684
ISBN-13: 9781434207685
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Rutherford B., Who Was He?: Poems About Our Presidents

Marilyn Singer (2013), 56 pages
Illustrated by John Hendrix
Audience: 4th Grade - 8th Grade
Category: Humor, Nonfiction, Picture Books, Poetry
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If you ever wanted to know a little more about each of the Presidents of the United States, and wanted to get your knowledge in rhyme, this is the book for you! Each page gives the President's name, party, dates in office, and a snappy poem that briefly describes their time in the White House. If that weren't enough, dynamite illustrations of each President in his prime official state (picture Theodore Roosevelt charging full steam ahead, saber above his head, upon a white steed) and some even feature a notable quotable by the featured man in office. Once you're done with the main fun, you can read more about the job of the President, mini biographies and quotations of each President, and a list of sources to explore. Never forget which president comes after Harrison again!
Similar books: The President's Stuck in the Bathtub: Poems about the Presidents by Susan Katz ; Presidential Misadventures: Poems that Poke Fun at the Man in Charge by Bob Raczka
Reviewed by: BIS
Date read: 7/20/2015
ISBN-10: 1423171004
ISBN-13: 9781423171003
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Sachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor's Story

Caren Stelson (2016), 144 pages
Audience: 6th Grade - 8th Grade
Category: Biography, Nonfiction
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August 9th, 1945 began with a bad omen. The family of 6-year-old Sachiko had a hen. Every morning Sachiko's mother would collect one egg from the nest and cook it for Toshi, the baby of the family. But that morning there was no egg. Years later, she always began the story of that morning in Nagasaki, Japan with that missing egg. Toshi was never given another. Two hours later, U.S. forces dropped an atomic bomb on the city. Every living thing within a .5 mile radius of the bomb's hypercenter was instantly destroyed. Sachiko and her family were .6 miles away. Toshi did not survive the blast. Later, every member of Sachiko's family died, either from radiation poisoning or the cancers that followed it. Her story begins with that unspeakable morning and recounts her will to survive, her lifelong commitment to nonviolence, and her struggle to tell her story.
Awards nominated: National Book Award for Young People's Literature
Reviewed by: leigh anne
Date read: 7/24/2017
ISBN-10: 1467789038
ISBN-13: 9781467789035
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Sacred Places

Philemon Sturges (2000), 40 pages
Illustrated by Giles Laroche
Audience: Preschool - 6th Grade
Category: Multicultural, Nonfiction
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People worship in many different ways around the world. This book is all about the places people use for gathering, praying, and meditating as they follow their own religions. You will read about sacred places from five different world belief systems: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As you will see, there are some differences between these sacred places, but there are lots of similarities, too.
Reviewed by: klawson
Date read: 11/26/2014
ISBN-10: 0399233172
ISBN-13: 9780399233173
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