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Kakapo Rescue: Saving the World's Strangest Parrot

Sy Montgomery (2010), 80 pages
Illustrated by Nic Bishop
Audience: 4th Grade - 8th Grade
Category: Animal, Nonfiction
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Kakapos are large, nocturnal flightless parrots that once were common in New Zealand. The last Kakapos now live on a tiny island off the New Zealand coast. Follow the efforts of scientists to increase the population of these special birds. Nic Bishop's marvelous photographs add to this book's appeal.
Reviewed by: msp
Date read: 5/17/2012
ISBN-10: 0618494170
ISBN-13: 9780618494170
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King of the Wind

Marguerite Henry (1990), 176 pages
Illustrated by Wesley Dennis
Audience: 3rd Grade - 6th Grade
Category: Animal, Classic, Fiction, Historical
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An Arabian stallion born in Morocco has a spot of white on his heel which is a mark of speed. The stallion, Sham, his stableboy, Agba, and Grimalkin the cat have a lot of good adventures together.
Awards won: John Newbery Medal
Reviewed by: St. Charles Reader
Date read: 11/5/2009
ISBN-10: 0027436292
ISBN-13: 9780027436297
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King Pom and the Fox

Jessica Souhami (2007), 36 pages
Audience: Preschool - 1st Grade
Category: Animal, Folklore
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This is a Chinese version of the tale which later became famous in the West as Puss-in-Boots. Li Ming guards his pomegranate tree so proudly that his neighbors laughingly call him King Pom. When Li Ming catches a fox trying to steal his pomegranates the fox promises to make him rich if he will only let him go. Will this crafty fox make good on his promise?
Reviewed by: caroll
Date read: 7/13/2009
ISBN-10: 1845074785
ISBN-13: 9781845074784
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Kiss for Little Bear

Else Holmelund Minarik (1968), 32 pages
Illustrated by Maurice Sendak
Audience: Preschool - 2nd Grade
Category: Animal, Easy Reader, Fiction, Humor
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Little Bear has drawn a very special picture for his Grandmother and has sent Hen to deliver it. When Grandmother receives the picture, she sends Hen right back to deliver a kiss for Little Bear. However, on the way back, Hen gets distracted from his duty and passes the kiss on to Frog, who passes it along to Cat, and so on and so on. Will Little Bear ever get his Grandmother's kiss? This funny and humorous story is beautifully illustrated and perfect for the beginning reader
Book Series: I Can Read Book 1
Similar authors: Arnold Lobel
Similar books: Am I Beautiful by Else Holmelund Minarik: Father's Flying Flapjacks by Else Holmelund Minarik; Percy and the 5 Houses by Else Holmelund Minarik; Mouse Tales by Arnold Lobel; Uncle Elephant by Arnold Lobel
Reviewed by: mb
Date read: 8/5/2009
ISBN-10: 006024299X
ISBN-13: 9780060242992
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Kitten for a Day

Ezra Jack Keats (2002), 32 pages
Audience: Preschool - Preschool
Category: Animal, Fiction, Picture Books
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Kitten and puppy lovers will love this nearly wordless picture book about a puppy pretending to be a kitten. The puppy can't do things quite like the kittens: his meow comes out more like a 'ruff,' and imitating the kittens' acrobatics on chairs leads to a fall, but they all have fun anyway. When his mom shows up to say it's time to go home, he waves goodbye to his new friends saying, 'Next time let's all be puppies!'
Reviewed by: emc
Date read: 7/16/2010
ISBN-10: 0670892270
ISBN-13: 9780670892273
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