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Babymouse:  Queen of the World

Jennifer Holm (2005), 91 pages
Illustrated by Matthew Holm
Audience: 4th Grade - 6th Grade
Category: Animal, Graphic Novel
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In the first of the Babymouse series, our heroine, Babymouse, is just a typical middle schooler who wants to be liked - and be queen of the world. What she'd settle for is to be included in the popular kids' clique, ruled by Felicia Furrypaws. Felicia is just about to send out invitations to the social event of the season: her slumber party. As Babymouse's imagination helps her deal with the possibility of being excluded, she becomes a private-eye, an astronaut, and a cowgirl. At last the invitations arrive and ...yes! She is invited, but going will mean forsaking her loyal friend, Wilson Weasel. What will she do? Jennifer Holm is the Newbery Honor-winning author of Our Only May Amelia and other titles.
Reviewed by: sc
Date read: 3/26/2009
ISBN-13: 9780375932298
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Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

Nick Bruel (2008), 125 pages
Audience: 1st Grade - 5th Grade
Category: Animal, Fiction
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Poor Kitty! After a garbage can tips over on her, she really and truly needs a soap and water bath. If you just follow the simple instructions listed, you will be in for an easy and fun way to bathe your cat. To start out, cats really love baths, and secretly would like you to bathe them every day. Just turn on the water, fill out the tub and they will come running and dive right in! P.S. As cat owners know, the paragraph above is pure fiction.
Awards nominated: Monarch Award Nominee 2011
Reviewed by: ewl
Date read: 5/3/2010
ISBN-10: 1416954171
ISBN-13: 9781416954170
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Ballet Cat: The Totally Secret Secret

Bob Shea (2015), 56 pages
Illustrated by Bob Shea
Audience: Preschool - 2nd Grade
Category: Animal, Easy Reader, Humor
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Ballet Cat wants to play ballet with her friend Sparkle Pony all the time, but Sparkle Pony does not seem too happy. Ballet Cat finds out that Sparkle Pony has a secret, and that's why he is sad. Sparkle Pony is afraid that if he tells Ballet Cat his secret, Ballet Cat will not want to be friends anymore! How will the two friends solve this problem? Read the book to find out.
Book Series: Ballet Cat
Similar authors: Mo Willems
Similar books: I Really Like Slop!
Awards nominated: 2017 Monarch Nominee
Reviewed by: Kristen
Date read: 4/5/2016
ISBN-10: 1484713788
ISBN-13: 9781484713785
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Basho and the River Stones

Tim Myers (2004), 32 pages
Illustrated by Oki S. Han
Audience: Preschool - 3rd Grade
Category: Animal, Folklore, Multicultural, Picture Books, Poetry
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'Basho and the River Stones' by Tim Myers is a story based on the teachings of one of Japan's most revered poets, Matsuo Basho. Through the antics of a greedy fox, Matsuo introduces us to his unique form of poetry, a haiku. He also teaches us that the simple beauties of the world, give our lives 'radiance'. Enjoy this gentle story of generosity and friendship.
Similar authors: Jan Freeman Long; Stephen Krensky
Similar books: The Boy Who Drew Cats: A Japanese Folktale by Arthur A. Levine; The Greatest of All: A Japanese Folktale by Eric A. Kimmel; Tanuki's Gift: A Japanese Tale by Tim Myers; The Bee and the Dream: A Japanese Folktale by Jan Freeman Long; Bokuden and the Bully: A Japanese Folktale by Stephen Krensky
Reviewed by: mb
Date read: 7/13/2011
ISBN-10: 076145165X
ISBN-13: 9780761451655
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Bathtime for Biscuit

Alyssa Satin Capucilli (1998), 32 pages
Illustrated by Pat Schories
Audience: 1st Grade - 1st Grade
Category: Animal, Easy Reader, Fiction
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Biscuit needs a bath, but playing in the mud sounds like much more fun! Adorable illustrations that capture the character of a puppy alongside simple text make this a fun read. Will Biscuit escape bath time? Readers will enjoy this entry in Capucilli's popular early reader series about Biscuit. (Reading Level: 1.5)
Reviewed by: emc
Date read: 5/5/2011
ISBN-10: 0060279370
ISBN-13: 9780060279370
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