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Nest for Celeste: A Story About Art, Inspiration, and the Meaning of Home

Henry Cole (2010), 352 pages
Illustrated by Henry Cole
Audience: 3rd Grade - 5th Grade
Category: Animal, Fantasy, Fiction
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When Celeste loses her home behind the dining room wall, she must climb the stairs and search for safety in the rooms above. Running from the cat she finds safety and friendship in Joseph's room. Joseph's boss John James Audubon is teaching dance and drawing in return for room and board while he searches for birds to paint. Joseph discovers Celeste in his boot and adopts her, carrying her around in his shirt pocket and feeding her peanuts. She meets new friends and continues to encounter old enemies, while her search for the perfect home continues. The story is enhanced by delightful pencil drawings by the author.
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Reviewed by: donna
Date read: 6/15/2010
ISBN-10: 0061704113
ISBN-13: 9780061704116
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Never Smile at a Monkey: And 17 Other Important Things to Remember

Steve Jenkins (2009), 32 pages
Illustrated by Steve Jenkins
Audience: K - 5th Grade
Category: Animal, Nonfiction, Picture Books
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Steve Jenkins is back again with his whimsical and striking torn and cut paper collages! He again masters the art of teaching us about animals in a fun, easy style that makes us unaware we are even learning. Most of us have a heathy fear of lions and tigers and bears, not to mention, snakes, sharks and scorpions. But Jenkins calls upon the lesser known, seemingly 'safer' creatures: platypuses, cassowarys, kangaroos and monkeys. Did you know a platypus is the only poisonous mammal? That the flightless cassowary stands as tall as a man and can deliver a lethal kick with it's sharp claws, or an angry kangaroo can deliver a blow powerful enough to cave in a person's chest? And do be careful, because if you laugh at the antics of a silly monkey, it may interpret your show of teeth as aggression and respond violently. For more good advice that will surprise you and keep you safe, read Never Smile at a Monkey.
Awards nominated: Monarch Award Nominee 2012
Reviewed by: ewl
Date read: 3/23/2011
ISBN-10: 9780618966202
ISBN-13: 9780618966202
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New Dog, The

Barbara Shook Hazen (1997), 32 pages
Illustrated by R.W. Alley
Audience: Preschool - Preschool
Category: Animal, Picture Books
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Precious, pampered Tootsie is not prepared for his first day as part of Danny Dougle's dog walking group. The other dogs tease and bully him. Danny scolds Tootsie for not following commands, getting dirty, and falling into the fountain. Finally, Tootsie has had enough, and he breaks his collar and runs straight into a situation that proves to everyone what a hero he can be.
Reviewed by: sc
Date read: 4/28/2009
ISBN-10: 0803718128
ISBN-13: 9780803718128
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Nic Bishop Spiders

Nic Bishop (2007), 48 pages
Audience: 1st Grade - 3rd Grade
Category: Animal, Nonfiction
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Did you know that some kinds of spiders are no larger than a grain of salt? Did you know that the largest spider is the size of a book and can capture medium-sized birds in the rainforest? What spider 'babysits' spiderlings for their first few days of life? How far can a jumping spider jump? And my favorite - how do spiders eat their food? Nic Bishop has done a beautiful job engaging the reader with wonderful /gruesome facts, as well as including one-of-a-kind photography.
Reviewed by: blk
Date read: 5/19/2009
ISBN-10: 0439877563
ISBN-13: 9780439877565
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No Dogs Allowed

Stephanie Calmenson (2013), 114 pages
Illustrated by Heather Ross
Audience: 2nd Grade - 5th Grade
Category: Animal, Fiction
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Best friends Lucy and Kate live next door to each other in an apartment building. They both love dogs, but sadly their building has the rule 'No dogs allowed.' When the girls try on matching dog-bone necklaces at a thrift store, much to their surprise they discover a magic way to turn into dogs. The doggie versions of Lucy and Kate have several gentle adventures, and after returning to human form they help advertise Adopt-A-Dog Week at the local animal shelter.
Book Series: Ready, Set, Dogs
Reviewed by: msp
Date read: 2/7/2014
ISBN-13: 9780805096453
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