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Abner & Me

Dan Gutman (2005), 176 pages
Audience: 6th Grade - 8th Grade
Joe Stoshack has a unique ability. Just by holding an old baseball card, he will travel back to the player's time and place. He has already visited many baseball greats, such as Honus Wagner, Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth. Stosh is up to his old tricks. Despite his mother's request that he go on no more baseball card trips, he is determined to travel back in time to find out if Abner Doubleday really did invent baseball. The only problem is that there is no baseball card depicting Doubleday. Stosh sends away for a photograph, hoping that will work. When the photograph arrives, his mother sees it, realizes what Stosh is up to, and insists on going with him. They find they have gotten more than they bargained for, when they land on the Gettysburg battlefield. Scenes from the battle and the army hospitals are graphically described, as Stosh learns that there is nothing romantic about war, and his mother's skills as a nurse are called upon. As it turns out, Abner Doubleday was a Civil War general, who was unfairly blamed for his troops' desertion at Gettysburg. He is very impressed by Stosh's mother's 21st century techniques. But, did Abner Doubleday really invent baseball?
Reviewed by: vverscaj
Date read: 9/16/2010
ISBN-10: 0060534435
ISBN-13: 9780060534431