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Magic Half

Annie Barrows (2007), 224 pages
Audience: 2nd Grade - 6th Grade
Category: Books about Girls, Fantasy, Fiction, Time Travel
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The chance of having two sets of twins in one family is about 1 in 50,000. Eleven year old Miri's family has defied the odds, though, and she has older twin brothers and younger twin sisters. Miri is a bit lonely being the only single child in a family of twins. When the family moves to a new home in the country, her only consolation is having her own room, a unique ten sided room with a porthole window. Miri's brothers have heard about a burglar who may have long ago buried his loot somewhere on the property. They are determined to find it, and don't want Miri's help. The three get into a fight, and Miri hits one of her brothers over the head with a shovel. Her mother is furious about this and sends her to her room. When she gets there, she notices something strange. Along the baseboard, someone has taped a piece of glass, like the lens from a pair of eyeglasses. When she holds it up and looks through it, something magical happens. All of a sudden, her room does not look quite right. It's the same room, but with different wallpaper and furniture. Somehow, Miri has traveled to the year 1935! The girl who lives in the room in 1935 is named Molly, and she is the same age as Miri. Molly has a tough life, and may be in terrible danger. Miri is determined to help Molly, and bring her back to Miri's own time. Will she be able to save Molly before it's too late? Will they ever figure out the location of the hidden treasure? This charming book is written by the author of the Ivy and Bean series, and fans of those stories will surely love this more challenging read.
Similar books: Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows; The Princess in the Pigpen by Jane Resh Thomas
Reviewed by: lauraf
Date read: 3/28/2013
ISBN-10: 1599901323
ISBN-13: 9781599901329
Reader Comments
4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 booksGreat Book!
Commenter: Lyra, grade 4
This is a great book for people who like mystery, fantasy, and adventure.