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Pam Munoz Ryan (2015), 585 pages
Audience: 5th Grade - 8th Grade
Category: Fiction, Historical
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Otto gets lost in the woods while playing hide and seek with some friends. He finds a book of folk tales and a mysterious harmonica. He sits down to read the story of 3 babies destined to a life of servitude but who are promised better things through music. Just as he begins to despair of ever finding his way home, the three sisters of the story tell him that it is up to him to pass the harmonica on so that it can complete their story and release them from their curse. The story then jumps to the early days of World War II where each of three children finds the harmonica at a crucial point in their life. It's music gives them strength and courage when things seem darkest. With each life it touches, the harmonica comes closer to its destiny and breaking the sisters' curse.
Reviewed by: caroll
Date read: 2/2/2016
ISBN-13: 9780439874021
Reader Comments
5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 booksFairytale Meets Historical Fiction
Commenter: Msp, grade 0
I loved the way that the author blended different elements in this amazing novel. If you like historical fiction with a magical twist, this is a great book!