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Into the Lion's Den

Linda Fairstein (2016), 312 pages
Audience: 3rd Grade - 7th Grade
Category: Books about Girls, Mystery
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12-year-old Devlin Quick has solved the Case of the Missing Gerbil, the Mysterious Disappearances from the School Locker, and the Episode of Cyberbullying, but she is putting on her detective's hat for the biggest crime in her career in Into the Lion's Den. While visiting the New York Public Library for a school assignment, Devlin's friend Liza spots a menacing man tearing a page out of a rare book in the library's map division. The girls give chase, but only manage to capture a blurry photograph of the culprit. With the help of Dev's best friend Booker Dibble, New York City's Police Commissioner (who also happens to be her mother), and her formidable grandmother Lulu, Dev begins to close in on the thief.
Book Series: Devlin Quick Mysteries
Similar books: Mr. Limoncello's Library ; Cat Royal
Reviewed by: leigh anne
Date read: 3/3/2017
ISBN-13: 9780399186431