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Ingrid Law (2008), 352 pages
Audience: 4th Grade - 8th Grade
Category: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction
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Mississippi (Mibs for short) Beaumont awaits her thirteenth birthday with great anticipation and anxiety. At thirteen, members of her family get their 'savvy.' No one knows what their savvy will be. Her brother Rocket causes electricity to explode whenever he passes. Fish can cause huge thunderstorms whenever he is near a body of water. Her mother does everything perfectly. Two days before her birthday, her father is in a car accident and falls into a coma. On the morning of her birthday, Mibs is sure that her savvy is to wake things up, so she just has to get to her father as soon as possible. She stows away on a pink, bible-delivery bus and finds her own Wizard of Oz adventure. This book won a Newbery honor award in 2009.
Similar authors: Kate DiCamillo
Awards nominated: Rebecca Caudill Award 2011
Awards won: Newbery Honor book 2009
Reviewed by: vverscaj
Date read: 8/20/2009
ISBN-10: 0803733062
ISBN-13: 9780803733060
Reader Comments
5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 booksI Loved This Book!
Commenter: Ann, grade 8
I loved this book and couldn't put it down! In spite of having her 'savvy', Mibs could be any resourceful girl who is determined to help her poppa. And the adventure she takes everyone on is amazing!
5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 booksMagical
Commenter: Anya, grade 5
This book is totally nerve-wrecking! You will never want to put this book down. The main character is very adventurous. This book is basically a really good run-away book. You will definitely want to buy it.
4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 books4 out of 5 booksGreat Book!
Commenter: Lyra, grade 4
I loved this book from the start. Part adventure, part mystery, and all of it a heartwarming tale that is very well written.