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14 Cows for America

Carmen Agra Deedy (2009), 36 pages
Illustrated by Naiyomah
Audience: 3rd Grade - 5th Grade
Category: Nonfiction, Picture Books
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To the Maasai people of Kenya, the cow means life. These people were once feared warriors, now they live peaceably as nomadic cattle herders. Kimeli's greatest dream as a child was to own his own cow. In September of 2001, he was studying to be a doctor in New York City. He was there on September 11. Upon returning home, he told his village about the horrible attack on the twin towers. Like Kimeli, his people were moved to compassion. They decided together to give the American people a gift. They presented 14 of their most precious possessions, their cows, to an American ambassador.
Awards nominated: Bluestem Award Nominee 2012
Reviewed by: caroll
Date read: 5/24/2011
ISBN-10: 1561454907
ISBN-13: 9781561454907